November 20-23rd, 2019

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R. Colina de Patamares, s/n - Patamares, Salvador - BA, 41680-010

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R. Colina de Patamares, s/n - Patamares, Salvador - BA, 41680-010

Middle Eastern Caucus


The Middle Eastern Caucus is not your average committee. For those of you who don't know, Salmun has it’s committee’s spread within regional caucuses. The Middle Eastern Caucus is a committee that is devoted to tackle the issues that are currently happening in the Middle East. The Middle Eastern region has suffered for countless years with various civil wars and disputes between terrorist groups and nations. These conflicts have made the region a war zone. Countless cities and towns have been destroyed, millions of people have died or have been intensely injured. The situation is dire enough without even taking into account the colossal refugee crisis that is impacting almost all of the countries directly. All these issues have had a great influence on how the region is operating and the relations between the countries. As delegates of the Middle Easter cacus you will be expected to debate about controversial topics and maybe even suggest solutions. Having previous knowledge about international relations will be useful.



  1. Tackling Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and Appeasing Dispute Over the West Bank and Gaza Strip

  2. Addressing the denuclearization of the Middle East

  3. Resolving the Syrian Refugee Crisis

Iuri Bertié


Mathias Petersen



  • Israel

  • Pakistan

  • Syria

  • Jordan

  • UAE

  • Iran

  • Iraq

  • Turkey

  • Palestine

  • Lebanon

  • Egypt


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