November 20-23rd, 2019

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R. Colina de Patamares, s/n - Patamares, Salvador - BA, 41680-010

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R. Colina de Patamares, s/n - Patamares, Salvador - BA, 41680-010

African Caucus


The African Caucus is a committee created with the mission to solve prominent conflicts in the region, therefore, all members are from Africa. Delegations in the caucus have to keep in mind that since it is a regional committee, resolutions cannot use military action, so participants must be creative as to find a peaceful and effective solution. Overall, the main goal of this committee is to bring to light issues in Africa and solve them within the countries in the continent, while still respecting all nations' sovereignty, discussing each one's rights and needs and conforming to UN's vital documents, such as the Human Rights Charter.


We will follow standard MUN procedure, therefore, at least two resolutions will be featured and up for debate per topic. There will be 14 double delegations who will discuss the South Sudanese civil war, the Anglophone Crisis in Cameroon and the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, all issues of utmost importance to the African continent. Will you be able to bring new, effective solutions such complex disputes?



1. Addressing the South Sudanese Civil War

2. Tackling Cameroon's Anglophone Crisis

3. Discussing the issue of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria

Bruna Góes


Nina Batista



  • South Sudan

  • Sudan

  • Uganda

  • Kenya

  • Nigeria

  • Cameroon

  • Chad

  • Eritrea

  • Central African Republic

  • Republic of the Congo

  • Lebanon

  • Egypt

  • Niger

  • Morocco


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