November 20-23rd, 2019

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R. Colina de Patamares, s/n - Patamares, Salvador - BA, 41680-010

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R. Colina de Patamares, s/n - Patamares, Salvador - BA, 41680-010

Asian Caucus


The Asian Caucus is a regional committee formulated of only Asian countries. The committee stands to find solutions for issues at hand in the social, political, economic and military sphere. There is a cooperation in order to find the most efficient answers for diverse problems within this locality. Asia, being an area in which many conflicts were held, suffered historically in many sectors, which reverberate in the countries economy and relations. The continuance of wars in this area, and the rise of independence movements has made the continent a victim of political instability. The constant increase in the prosecution of religious minorities and intolerance has taken the continent into a social downfall. These issues not only influence in the negative way the population, but also have a great impact in the nations relations.


The aim for this caucus is for the main topics to be tackled and to resolve such conflicts since this will bring well-being not only to the continent of Asia, but also for the whole world. Through the positioning of countries perspectives, different solutions can be brought in order to regain the continent's stability. Also, the delegates in the committee are expected to defend their country's position, and also to be looking forward to finding an efficient resolution that diminishes the negative effects of the conflicts.


  • Taiwan

  • Japan

  • China

  • Russia

  • India

  • Indonesia

  • Philippines

  • Malaysia

  • Singapore

  • Thailand

  • Afghanistan



1. Tackling the prosecution of the Uyghur ethnic group

2. Addressing the legal and political autonomy of Taiwan

3. Resolving the Afghanistan War

Beatriz Alves


Bruno Fonseca



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