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Due Dates

Country Choices App: October 21st

Countries Assigned: October 23rd

PASB 1st Position Paper: November 3rd

PASB 2nd Position Paper: November 10th

PASB 3d Position Paper: November 15th

PASB Draft Resolution: November 19th

Visiting Delegates Position Papers: November 17th (To be sent directly to the chairs' emails)

SALMUN Commence: November 20th (until 23rd)

Letter from the Secretary-General:



As the Secretary-General for SALMUN 2019 I could not be more excited for the conference. I am looking forward to meeting all of you and hope to have amazing sessions of debate at our conference.

I am extremely happy and satisfied with the great leadership team we have put together and I am confident that they will do an outstanding job as chairs and leaders of this conference. 


Besides our regional caucuses, we will have two special committees and our Security Councils. With a wide range of topics and delegations to choose from, I hope you find topics that interest you and get to debate them with passion, always keeping in mind the main objective of diplomacy: to peacefully and collaboratively solve world issues. 


The work we do during this conference will have an impact on the world of tomorrow and I want you to remember that even though you are seeking for change and improvement of today’s world, it is always important to take the past into consideration, for it has a lot to teach us. 


If I could give you one piece of advice, it is to listen. Listen to your chairs, other delegates and listen to yourself. Be respectful and mindful when speaking at all times and aim to maintain a high-level of debate in your committees. I have learned that MUN has nothing to do with who speaks the most, but rather who speaks more eloquently and respectfully. Thus, I hope you can practice these skills during SALMUN and that you leave the conference a better delegate than the one I am sure you already are. 


Every conference is a new possibility to learn from each other and I hope you can enjoy SALMUN to its fullest. I am very excited and hopeful that we will have an amazing conference. 


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at 20sangalom@pasb.com.br


Meet our CIO

Dear SALMUN participants,

It is a great honor to be serving as SALMUN XVI's Chief Informations Officer. I am currently a junior at Pan American School of Bahia, and this will be my 23rd MUN experience, and 12th time in a leadership position. Throughout my life, MUN not only helped me grow as a global citizen but brought to my life one of the most precious aspects one can embody which is having a voice. Therefore, it is one of my greatest passions and SALMUN is definitely one of the most memorable parts of my entire school career. Aside from my everlasting passion towards the international relations world, I am extremely interested in business, finances, and politics, especially when it involves Brazil. When not dedicating my time to MUN, you can find me playing soccer, listening to music, studying, hanging out with my friends or helping my community. As CIO, my main goal is to support all of you by ensuring that the conference flow as smooth as possible. I look forward to meeting passionate delegates and great negotiators who will strive to solve world issues by considering the several sides of the conflict while following their country’s position. Feel free to contact me at 21gusmaom@pasb.com.br, by Facebook, or via WhatsApp at +55 (71) 987180959! Can’t wait to meet you all!

Michelle Gusmão

Chief Informations Officer


Our Committees

5 regional caucuses

            * 1 middle school committee

2 special committees

2 security councils


November 20-23rd, 2019

Questions, comments or concerns? Email 20sangalom@pasb.com.br  or  


R. Colina de Patamares, s/n - Patamares, Salvador - BA, 41680-010

General Assembly:
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R. Colina de Patamares, s/n - Patamares, Salvador - BA, 41680-010

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